Lights, Camera, and Visual Effects..

Shameless self-promotion.. Here are video projects that I have produced along with a select few individuals in the Stratagem Pictures team.

Krispy Kreme Commercial

This commercial is currently being pitched to the president and owner of Krispy Kreme.  Shot on the RED Epic.  I was part of the lighting, set up and film crew and aided in the editing and audio enhancing of this project.

Brooklyn to

A web commercial created for a private client to promote his business and draw traffic to his website.  I edited and produced this baby.

This Is It TV - One Atlantic

A tv show filmed in Philadelphia and New Jersey highlighting locally owned businesses, bars and boutiques.  I worked main camera, audio and editor for many of the first and second seasons episodes.

This Is It TV - GoGo Morrow

Another interview on This Is It Tv, this time with a local musical artist.  Main videographer and editor for this clip.  The show aires on WMCN on Friday nights at 7:30pm.

Stratagem Pictures - 3D logo

A very small example of the 3D work created by myself for Stratagem Pictures.

Stratagem Pictures - Commercial 2013

The creative collaboration of minds, this is the 2013 commercial for Stratagem Pictures.

Music Video - Dogtown

Theodore Grams: Dogtown

Editing and After Effects 

Music Video - Gilt

Soda Can Man - Gilt

Trailer - Sabriel

This video is a tad old and obviously unpolished, but still remains one of my favorite After Effects special effects projects (but now that the studio has a green screen wall, this will change!).  A trailer for a book read in high school, Sabriel must return the dead to the other side where they belong!  Complete creative control for this project.

LibertyMe Dance Studio - Visual Effects

Over the course of this past spring, I created 2 hours of original visual content for a full visual experience as contracted by the LibertyMe Dance Studio.  I had full creative control of the project and had a blast with it.  This is just a quick example of some of the editing and effects that were created in that project (but by no means a full gammot of what was created!  So much content, so much After Effects...!!)